About Us


Representing our machine learning
algorithm for football matches

We feed our algorithm with matches and statistics from our 20 leagues each week. Based on all the available informations, the system analyze and predicts the outcome of the matches.

Our developed OA score is defined from every unique league. If a league perform well, our match score will get extra value based on different parameters.

Who we are

We are a danish based company with a flair for technology and a passion for creation of the impossible.

Sportsbetting is a losing game for many, but we are hoping to solve this problem by creating a system that can profitably predict the outcome of future matches by looking at past matches. By no means do we believe it will be possible to predict 100% of all games correctly, but we aim just to predict well enough that it makes betting profitable for the consumer.

If you have any good ideas as to improving our algorithm or things we can take into consideration, please feel free to reach out to us!